When faced with a client issue or challenge, Povaddo draws on three core areas of expertise: Strategy, Research, and Public Affairs. Public Affairs

Managing an environment in which policy issues are discussed and debated is critical for successfully advancing any client initiative or program.  Understanding and anticipating the micro and macro level impact of policy changes requires an awareness and knowledge of the landscape, critical stakeholders, and the attitudes and perspectives of key influencers.  Povaddo has deep expertise in building the strategic tools and resources necessary to help clients effectively navigate diverse and complex public affairs issues.

Stakeholder Management

How issue stakeholders weigh-in on a given issue – positively or negatively – greatly impacts the outcome of any effort.  The Povaddo team has in-depth experience working to identify and engage the right strategic partners and stakeholders to support, advance or inoculate the result of a policy change or shift. 

Examples of past efforts include:

  • Identifying and galvanizing retailers on behalf of a CPG’s company facing stringent regulatory reforms
  • Mobilizing a diverse group of energy innovators and suppliers in defense of a niche market issue of interest to state and federal regulators and law makers
  • Cultivating third-party validators to provide scientific material and commentary on aspects of a complicated food safety issue
  • Generating credible third-party reaction to and endorsement of prevention investment as a means for cutting long-term healthcare costs


Message Development

The right message will often be the key to quelling a crisis, unlocking an opportunity, or advancing a position. Ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time requires astute insights and a deep understanding of the environment in which it is being shared.

Drawing on research data to build a distinct and compelling storyline that endures and influences is key to successful message development. While each approach is tailored to a client’s particular needs and unique goals, the process typically involves some combination of the following:

  • Conduct exploratory research to develop an initial set of messages
  • Field a wide range of potential messages to narrow the scope by identifying those that are most effective
  • Fine-tune specific language to maximize impact; understand the strengths and weaknesses of a message in order to make small adjustments
  • Test ad mock-ups or other creative concepts to determine how best to tell the story with words and visuals
  • Work with communications teams – and other related departments as necessary, such as regulatory, financial or government affairs – to finalize core message platforms, talking points, and other communications materials

Povaddo has a long history of exceptional insight generation, and has developed strategic messaging for a wide range of leading B2B and B2C clients as well as non-profits, universities and associations.


Audience Identification and Targeting

Developing a compelling and enduring message is a wasted effort if it is directed to the wrong target audience.  Identifying the right audience is critical to the success of any client initiative or effort.  Povaddo has the ability to pinpoint the right audiences by using research data – both primary and secondary – to inform message direction and targeting.


Issues Management

Being able to stay apprised of all relevant client issues is a science and an art.  Povaddo has generated a number of effective tools and techniques to help guarantee its clients are aware of critical issues that affect their daily operations.  We aspire to be the ears and eyes of a department or division, and a true partner in ensuring that we cover the critical news media, relevant regulatory and legislative activity, competitor activity, and general stakeholder actions and efforts. 

We tailor each approach based on a client’s specific needs and goals, and provide regular updates and alerts as required.  We will also tap research tools, such as omnibus surveys or one-on-one interviews, when needed to make sure we have a solid understanding of and appreciation for how an issue is being perceived and managed by all critical stakeholder groups – from government officials to financial investors to the general public.


Responsibility (CSR/Leadership)

The ability to nurture and maintain a healthy and competitive brand also allows any organization – whether public or private – to maximize its jurisdiction over specific issues and/or initiatives.  To become a leader in one’s target field or market segment, organizations must be able to demonstrate commitments that reflect and embody the cornerstone elements of their mission, vision and values.  Identifying opportunities for leadership is an evolving process that requires critical assessment of the opportunities as well as the ongoing risks and threats.

Povaddo understands that being a leader means putting one’s reputation and credibility on the line.  As such, investing in the steps necessary to ensure such actions are tested and measureable is critical to achieving long-term financial and social success.  Povaddo’s team of professionals and strategic partners has deep expertise in creating the foundation necessary to support the adoption of a leadership position on a given issue or initiative, including:

  • Using data insights to develop a compelling set of messages that stakes out a clear position and differentiates a company or organization from a crowded field
  • Identify opportunities to promote efforts with critical stakeholders, including government officials, NGOs, advocacy groups and the general public
  • Build a solid infrastructure to support the effort/commitment and evolving narrative, including position papers, microsites, e-alerts, networking tools and events
  • Preparation of senior executives for high stakes meetings, speaking opportunities, testimony and media engagement
  • Identification and cultivation of third party validators who support the effort/commitment and multiply its impact with critical target audiences
  • Internal and external communications materials to educate, engage and mobilize key audiences, including employees, investors, suppliers, regulators and other ally groups and individuals

While taking these important steps in the process are critical, Povaddo’s ultimate goal is to help build and support a culture of responsibility that is not measured in clips or sound bites, but in a return on investment at every level of an operation.  Staking out a claim on an environmental issue, for instance, should impact decisions made about supply chain relationships, investor targets, and the quality and make-up of the products or services received by the end consumer.  In other words, achieving a solid return on a social investment will only be achieved when it is an integral part of everyday operations – starting with leadership and felt at every other level of an organization, both internal and external.