When faced with a client issue or challenge, Povaddo draws on three core areas of expertise: Strategy, Research, and Public Affairs. Strategy

We believe the best strategies are created based on a rigorous analytical approach and data driven insights. We use a number of proven and practical tools that have helped our client organizations determine where they stand, where they want to go and how they will get there.

Building a sound strategy to help direct all actions and efforts around a particular objective requires data driven insights, a supportive infrastructure, and in-depth knowledge of all external and internal dynamics, from changes in regulatory or competitive environments to shifts in the marketplace to transitions within management. A successful strategy needs to be a roadmap that guides all critical stakeholders along a path that is at once both steadfast and nimble.

Strategic Planning

The partners at Povaddo have helped well-known Fortune 500 companies – across multiple industries and geographies– assess business situations, develop messaging strategies, new products and offerings and manage key stakeholders. Some examples include:

  • Worked with a major credit card company to more effectively manage corporate image and corporate culture, both internally and externally
  • Conducted full brand and product assessment for a major furniture manufacturer to better understand its footing among retailers and design consultants and identified new product growth opportunities for the future
  • Provided strategic advice to a major industry association to improve attitudes toward the industry and draw more college graduates into industry management positions
  • Developed a new organizational structure for a well-known B2B firm that enabled the firm to minimize the impact of the economic downturn and maintain its revenues with 25% less resources


Market Assessment

The partners at Povaddo bring many years of cross-industry experience in providing well-known B2C and B2B companies objective and comprehensive market assessments via a thorough analysis of relevant market data. Their experience includes:

  • Determining the primary and secondary markets, including market size, growth trends and competitive landscape
  • Identifying the most significant market segments in both short term and long term horizons
  • Identifying the critical stakeholders that may impact the market in the near and long-term
  • Analyzing the uniqueness of the client’s product/service offering in a market context
  • Market based financial opportunity assessment

Past experience includes:

  • Analyzing emerging industry and consumer trends in Asia to identify over ~$100MM in incremental revenue opportunities for a wealth management firm
  • Creating the market entry strategy for an innovative new credit card product with a total business potential of $2B in revenues
  • Conducting a comprehensive customer segmentation study for a well-known European CPG firm that identified high growth segments where company had limited presence



Using communications to create change and positively impact target audiences is a critical strategic component of any successful initiative or effort.  As the media landscape is constantly evolving, we work with our clients to shape and tailor messaging based on data-rich insights to reach those audiences whose opinions matter the most. 

Povaddo partners bring years of experience in helping to shape a client’s message to meet the appetites of their target audiences as well as their own diverse operational goals.  Examples of such work include:

  • Creating the communications strategy based on multi-country focus group data to manage a food safety regulatory issue for a global food manufacturer
  • Managing a coalition of diverse energy companies that sought a more balanced perspective in the public domain on a complicated economic issue facing state and federal regulatory challenges
  • Developing a set of messages targeting federal government officials in support of nutrition disclosure and health prevention efforts
  • Built message platform based on proprietary research to support transportation changes – and subsequent short-term disruptions – in a major urban market



While being able to anticipate every crisis is futile, being prepared to respond to any crisis when it hits is not.  Having the tools and infrastructure in place to successfully manage any crisis situation is critical for protecting one’s brand, reputation, employee morale and performance, fiscal health and competitive edge.

Povaddo has the strategic and practical skills necessary to guide and support any crisis situation.  Collectively, Povaddo team members bring years of hands-on crisis experience, including:

  • Operational expertise, such as organizing and supporting senior management across multiple brands and geographies, collaborating with global vendor and agency partners, streamlining communications across multiple time zones and disciplines, and developing messaging for navigating the critical early hours of press and other external stakeholder intrigue
  • Using quantitative and qualitative research tools to quickly and thoroughly prepare a message track that addresses multiple angles of evolving and fluid situations
  • Training and preparing key spokespersons for media, government and other stakeholder engagement/response
  • Engaging and mobilizing third party stakeholders to validate actions and positions with the media and other critical audiences, such as elected officials, regulators, competitors, advocates, etc.
  • Building response tools, such as micro-sites and videos as appropriate, to ensure message control and maximize impact 
  • Preparing shareholder, board and investor briefings to ensure ongoing confidence and support in all efforts throughout the crisis and beyond


Brand & Reputation

A strong, healthy and resilient brand has the ability to inspire, mobilize and influence target audience and stakeholder groups.  Investing in one’s brand will deliver positive returns for every segment of an organization: employee recruitment and morale building, customer and market penetration, competitive advantage, financial performance, issue ownership, and more.

A brand is not a logo or tagline. A brand is a complex and evolving narrative, composed of the opinions and impressions of target audience and stakeholder groups.  Fully understanding those opinions and impressions and using them strategically to shape, inspire and manage a brand – in good times and in crisis – is what sets a strong, resilient and trustworthy brand apart from others.

Povaddo specializes in mining the critical data and information necessary to deliver the strategic insights and direction for brand management and stewardship. We interact with target audience and stakeholders to determine:

  • What are the beliefs and expectations about a particular brand?
  • How well does the brand deliver against those beliefs and expectations?
  • What are the critical differentiators (both positive and negative) at the emotional, tangible and rational levels?
  • What are the brand perceptions and response triggers?
  • What are the key brand attributes and how do they influence behavior?
  • How does the brand deliver market share entry/expansion?
Answering these and other questions creates a framework against which decisions can be made and conclusions drawn. Povaddo’s team members will work with an organization to develop, answer and assess the results and insights to inform an approach and strategy to meet the overarching brand goals.